Meet the Artist

(b.1996 / UK)

Traditional oil painter Ashley Davies, is a self-taught artist inspired by the colours, and atmosphere’s we experience in our world. With a particular focus on nature, he strives to create beautiful renditions of what he sees that will awe and inspire, demanding the viewers’ attention.

He always had a love for art that started while still at school, but the biggest influence and inspiration behind his artistic passion, came from discovering the works and meeting the world renowned artist David Shepherd. That was the point that he thought he wanted to be a professional artist and from there, spent many years honing his skills. He started a fine art degree at Bath Spa university but soon discovered that it was not the right place for traditional artists who have already developed a style they love. After leaving art school he began to build his own art career, participating and exhibiting in local art fairs and galleries. This has led him to be exhibited by Signet Fine Art on the Kings Road, London and have been commissioned by the likes of Lady Ashcombe of Sudeley Castle and HR Owen on behalf of Lamborghini, to celebrate their 60th aniversary.

While Ashley has explored a variety of subject matter, he has always maintained a realistic style while conveying the emotion behind the scene to give it that immersive quality, taking it beyond what a photography could ever achieve. For any interest in collecting Ashley’s work, please email

Lamborghini Exhibition
Guiting Power – Exhibiting in Signet fine Art, London
Commission by Lady Ashcombe (left)
In the Studio